Aleksandar Blatnik (1944-2016) lived and worked in Nis (Serbia).
He was both cartoonist, designer, painter, writer and architect. He was a prominent Serbian artist, recepient of a lifetime achievement award.
Blatnik has had more than 400 group exhibitions in the country and abroad, and 40 solo exhibitions.
He participated in national and international humour contests.
He has won around 90 prizes in Festivals worldwide.
He published 14 cartoons books: "Dove of peace", "Balcancan", "Belle amie c'est la vie", "Tetrapack for mad cows", "Gooooolala", "Neto Nato", "Belle amie TV bre", "Knjiga u srcu pamet u glavi", "Blatnik about Blatnik", "Azbuka /ne/cistoce", "Kraljevica", "Cartoons Blatnik".




Aleksandar Blatnik


"Noś belog bagrema" - a poem
about A. Blatnik (in Serbian)
Gold man Zoran

"Jedan je Blatnik" - another poem
about A. Blatnik (in Serbian)
Timosenko Milosavljevic

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e-mail: blatnik@medianis.net


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